Digging Deep

Yesterday I dug through the soil of my back yard, tracing the tendrils of poison ivy roots to turn back that pesky plant’s intrusion on our sandbox play area.

Today, I turned back time in my head, distilling my entire career into an NIH biographical sketch.

I am unsure which effort has left me more exhausted.

Open Sorcerer

I crystallize dreams
into a lattice of code;
their energy pulls me forward.

But dreams will not be restrained.
I set them free.
Their potential is confined
only by the imagination of others.

Hello, world!

Q: Another blog? Does the world really need another blog?

A: A blog is a place for your voice to have a home online. I’ve had a voice on twitter for quite a while, but occasionally I’ve got more to say.

Q: Okay, fine, but why now?

A: It’s all about the donuts.

Q: How long are you going to continue with the fake FAQ?

A: Made-up FAQs are the worst, huh? I’m guessing you want me to write something more interesting.

Q: Yes.

A. That’s not a question. Gotcha!

Q: You call that an answer?

A: Touché.